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Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 48: Shoshone Falls to Bridgeport, California (7/22/15)

I stopped at Shoshone Falls on my way out of Twin Falls. I was already feeling lukewarm on painting since I got a bit of a late start enjoying my Hotel Life, and I knew I had a big drive to just outside Yosemite (about 8 hours). I got to the falls and decided sketch instead of paint. These falls are called the "Niagara of the West" and I can see why since they sweep around, kind of like Niagara Falls. I was sad not to see more water going over the falls (new friend Angela had warned me about this), and I think it is because of the dam and because of construction. There was a sign that talked about some work to make more water flow? I don't know. It isn't surrounded by so much commercial development like Niagara, but the dam has definitely altered the waterflow. The Milner dam was built in 1905 for irrigation, after Moran painted both his pieces of the falls. Quite differerent than the majestic waterfall in the oil painting especially. The dam and canal system are on the National Register of Historic Places...but it didn't seem that great to an artist wanting to paint the falls.

So I left feeling happy I stopped and happy I didn't try to paint. And, excited for YOSEMITE! Saw some great sky views and a rainbow on my way out to California. Up early tomorrow to get a campsite at Yosemite! Can't believe I'm starting the last leg of my trip.

What the falls used to look like (pre-dam I believe).
Thomas Moran watercolor of Shoshone Falls.
Shoshone Falls on the Snake River oil painting by Thomas Moran.
Snake River
Shoshone Falls
Shoshone Falls, Snake a River, and the dam
Dam construction...see what I did there?
Unique formations around the falls and Snake River.
Driving through Nevada...
...the rain made a lovely rainbow...
...beautiful sun on the clouds...
...and a stunning sunset.





  1. Beautiful sunset indeed!
    Last leg of your trip! Bet you are both excited and sad at the same time.

  2. Emily
    Welcome to California. You will love Yosemite!!!! Sorry gas prices are so high. Did you bring us some water?
    Robert from California