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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 34: Yellowstone

Day 34 I took off early for Yellowstone. Decided not to paint today to make time for planning/chores/etc. Got to Norris where I wanted to camp, but the campground was already full. With an increasing sense of urgency I drove on to the next nearest site, Indian Creek, and was stopped in traffic for about 30 minutes due to road construction. As there has been no breaking news about my homelessness, you guessed it that Indian Creek had campsites available. No showers and vault toilets - thank you parents for exposing me to a wide range of bathroom options via cycling at a young age.

I got settled in and sat down at my picnic table with my Moran Bible and Yellowstone maps. I charted out my time in the park and had some questions ready for park rangers. I went to the Albright Visitor Center, saw some awesome Moran artifacts (sketchbook AND notebook) then ventured into Gardiner to do laundry (best laundromat of the trip, by the way). But before laundry I stopped at the Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center where I saw MORE MORAN ARTIFACTS! Was disappointed they didn't have any original paintings (maybe in the library, but it was closed) but was thrilled they had his brushes, easel, palette, and taberet on display. Not quite the feeling I got when I saw Church's art supplies...I think seeing them at the end of the trip was better, as I had learned more and connected with his artwork. So maybe I'll go back. After laundry I splurged on a delicious salad at a local restaurant because I was craving a salad (need to eat more veggies). I saw a rainbow on my way home and talked with a couple from ???? and a fly fisherman from California. He does all catch and release and had some cool animal sighting stories. I think that would be a neat way to experience the park and outdoors, beyond hiking.

Anyway...I wanted to combine two posts in one but alas, too many photos I think for one post. So stay tuned for Day 35.

Best day ever - March 1, 1872! Go Grant!
His journal! Ahh! The lost art of beautiful cursive writing.
A page from his sketchbook - not sure why the photo is so yellow.
Very quick and loose. I wonder how he remembered the colors, maybe in his notebook.
The real treat: his palette and brushes.
Moran's easel!
Moran's taberet!
A little more background on my man TM.
Hand tinted photograph of Thomas Moran by William Henry Jackson. Whatta beard!
It was his first time riding a horse, too. 1871 was a big year for Moran.
North entrance to Yellowstone..."for the benefit and enjoyment of the people."
Rainbows aplenty out here.
Mountain goats.
Smack dab in the middle of the planet.
Ummm too close kids!!!!!
Some little babies...they just hung out in this green patch right in the middle of cars, pavement, people, etc.
Evening stroll around Mammoth Hot Spring with ice cream cone in hand.


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