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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 47: Tetons to Twin Falls, Idaho (7/21/15)

Not much to report about today - woke up in the beatiful Teton Canyon campground in the Targhee National Forest. Probably the most scenic campsite of the trip, but definitely the creepiest to drive to at night down a long gravel road. I left for Twin Falls, Idaho where Shoshone Falls (the Niargara Falls of the West, I've heard) are located. Thomas Moran painted the falls, and it's on my way to Yosemite, so I decided to stop here. I ~treated~ myself to a night in a Super 8 and I was very excited to take a shower (it had been a few days at vault toilet campsites) and do laundry (they have laundry at the hotel, score!) and wash my dishes. I decided after I got here to relax a bit today and paint the falls tomorrow, then continue on as far as I can to Yosemite. I was way too excited to pull into town and see Target, Old Navy, Barnes and Noble...etc, etc. I feel like this world (like when I saw Terminator) is the "other" and the outdoors/park world is the "normal." (If that makes sense). So today I was excited to see "civilization" but tomorrow I will be just as happy to go spend a day at a waterfall.

Beautiful campsite this morning.
Goodbye Tetons!


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  1. "I'll be back!" As the saying goes! Ha! And now it's your saying!
    Love, mom