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Friday, September 11, 2015

Day 60: Bridalveil Falls & Finish Upper and Lower Falls (8/3/15)

Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls

My morning was a bit different with my parents here. They were up and making coffee before I even emerged from my tent! I wasn't in a big rush today. My dad heated water for oatmeal (very nice) and I worked on finishing a few blog posts. We got going into the valley after I finished. They are being great about going with the flow and working around my "schedule" aka "playing it fast and loose."

We started off at Bridalveil Fall and it is stunning even with low water flow. There really is barely any water going over the fall, but the little water is so delicate and lace like and the water dances in the wind. The sun obscures the view of the fall and I had to keep moving closer and closer to escape it shining in my eyes. The rock face is sheer and small streams of water wake their way down the rock face. The water dancing in the wind is so beautiful, with the sun behind it. I can honestly say it reminds me of my wedding veil. Speaking of which...Dan and I get married two months from today! Crazy and awesome and exciting.

After this my parents and I parted ways. I went to finish my painting of the Upper and Lower Falls (before the water runs out!) and my parents went to hike Vernal Falls. It felt so good to be out again with my paint pack. I got to my quiet spot along the Merced River and ate lunch. Just as I was getting ready to set up my painting Supplies a family of seven, speaking a language I couldn't place, came and set up a picnic. It turns out they are Israeli and incredibly kind and generous. There were five children...the oldest girl around 9, then a boy around 7, a girl around 5, and twin boy and girl around 2 or 3 years old. The oldest boy came over after I'd been painting a while and offered me hot tea. How could I say no?! The tea was delicious with a fresh mint leaf. Minty and sweet. Then the dad said, "Friend, come eat with us!" and I sat and enjoyed omelettes and corn and all kinds of picnic foods. They all had beautiful names with meanings. I can't remember them, but one meant something to do with singing, and another was sunshine of God. I tickled the youngest boy's feet (tickling is the same in every language). They played in the water and threw mud at each other and ran around. It was very joyous and it just warmed my heart to see such a lovely family spending time together. Before I left the oldest girl came over and gave me an Oreo. My heart is full!

Behind the scenes, morning look at me blogging/researching...
To show how close he was.
Leocat or Bobcat?
Very little water cascading over the falls. Hard to see because the sun kept rising and peeking just over the top of the falls.
Cute petite mom with some big giant rocks.
More of the view beneath the falls.
Here's where the light got interesting...the lit water danced in the wind at the top of the falls.
Very veil-like.
A quick sketch with some notes.
Look at it dance!
Nature is amazing.
It's just water, wind, and light...but look what's created.
Off to finish my painting of Yosemite Falls.
Paint Pack in action.
Finished painting! Very happy with it.
It sure is nice to have Chef Dad at camp with me.
Mmm, chicken foil dinners. Life is good.