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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 43: Inspiration Point and Terminator (7/17/15)

I left Tower Falls campground this morning in search of greener pastures closer to my painting locations for the rest of my time in Yellowstone. My sights were set on Norris campground...this is probably the best and most central first come/first served campsite in Yellowstone. Plus it has flush potties. I got here and there was a mad scramble for campsites. It's pretty cut throat out here. I found a tag on a campsite that said they were leaving on the 17th and paid, put my tag on the site, and parked right next to it until the couple packed up and left. I hope me being a stalker didn't ruin their morning...but campers gotta camp.

Still feeling sick and kind of blah today. But there is so much still to do and see here. I went to Inspiration Point to sketch where Moran did a beautiful watercolor. I am sad to be feeling so under the weather because I'd love to get up super early and be at some of these crowded spots before many people are there. I also wish I'd tried a little more watercolor or maybe taken a workshop before I left. But, the beauty of this trip is how many new things following these artists has opened my eyes to. Just trying several watercolor sketches has sparked my interest in it as a highly portable medium for sketching, that I think will serve me well in trips with other people. Moran makes these sketches look quick and effortless. I have only seen his early oil paintings, no watercolors, so I wonder how well versed he was in the medium before going to Yellowstone. Anyway, I sketched at Inspiration Point. I wish I had done a painting here because I feel like it more accurately reflects Moran's canyon paintings than the view at Artist Point. The jagged rocks in the background are more similar to his rock pillars than from the angle on the south rim. But, I know he was here, and I have a sketch and some photos.

After, I decided to head down to Yellowstone Lake where Moran did a painting at the confluence of the Yellowstone River and the lake. I talked to some Rangers, walked along the beach, and saw a sun rainbow aka a sun halo, and went back to my car to get my paints. I talked to Dan for a bit with incredibly spotty cell service (frustrating!). I knew I should go paint but I just did not feel like it. The Six Week Slump had continued and worsened. I will be honest and say I didn't feel like painting, I didn't feel inspired. I have been trying to shake and overcome this feeling during a lot of my time in Yellowstone and especially since I got sick. Having a cold without Netflix or a real bed isn't awesome, I found out! I really felt like seeing a movie. I felt like having someone else entertain me for a few hours while I sat and ate popcorn. After talking with my best artist friend Katherine I realized I haven't really had a day off on this trip since I spent a few days with Dan. I have tried - but always find something to "do" like laundry, reading, grocery shopping, driving, sight seeing, etc. After talking with Dan and Katherine I decided to drive to West Yellowstone and see a movie, because I'm the type of impulsive person who has to consult two of her friends before doing anything impulsive. ;)

As soon as I left, even though I didn't sketch or paint at Yellowstone Lake, I knew it was what I needed to do. I was excited. On my way I stopped and looked up the movie theater and realized they only play one film. I got there at 8:30 to find out I'd missed the first half hour of the movie, and that they were only showing Terminator. Not at the top of my summer movie list...but I'd come all that way and damnit I wanted to see a movie and eat popcorn with butter! So I stayed and it was awesome. Maybe it was a crappy movie but I was so happy to be there and probably read deeper into the man versus technology theme than other movie goers. I drove back to my campsite feeling mentally rejuvenated, but still fighting the cold. So hopefully the cold clears up soon because my head is back in the game! #thanksterminator

Last time driving this stretch - many tall, gray, dead, burnt trees with new pine growth underneath.
Beautiful yellow wild flowers grew on these hillsides - extra beautiful on a sunny day.
The hills are alive...with yellow windflowers.
I saw a grizzly bear! There were tons of people parked and camped out along the road.
Inspiration Point
Yellowstone River from Inspiration Point
Lower Falls
Sketch from Inspiration Point
East Wall of the Canyon from Inspiration Point by Thomas Moran. effortless and beautiful and captures the canyon.
Throw in a bike rack and I'll buy it!

You know there's an animal nearby when...
Bald eagle!!!!
Oh the majesty!!
Hayden Valley
Yellowstone Lake.
Sun rainbow!
The movie I'd been waiting to see all summer!!!! [jk]



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  1. A grizzly! Wow...and just where you want to see one, in your van at a distance!
    Good to take a day off and hysterical that you saw Terminator! Anyway, I agree that watercolor sketching is the way to go! You are learning sooooo much!
    And, I know, that now your cold is gone! Have fun at Yosemite!
    Love, mom