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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day 57: Parent Pick Up and Muir Woods (7/31/15)

My parents flight was delayed due to mechanical issues, so I had a little more time than originally planned at Angela and Donnie's house today. Which meant I had time to vacuum my car with a shop vac (Angela laughed at how excited I got to see there shop vac when I arrived on Wednesday) and go to a car wash. I also visited Angela and Donnie's daughter Kylie at Starbucks, and she gave me some lemonade refreshers. Am I a lucky lady or what?! Angela gave me so much advice on where to go and hike in Yosemite. She loves Yosemite and hikes Half Dome almost every year. Even during my short time in Yosemite, I share her passion for the park and already know I'll have to come back. I said goodbye to Angela this afternoon, which was bittersweet because she has been so kind to me and I really feel like I've made a life long friend.

The drive to the airport was a little crazy but I successfully retrieved my new travel companions! We wanted to see Muir Woods today before we head back towards Yosemite. Driving through San Fansisco was INSANE. Definitely the craziest driving I've had to do on this trip. We went over the Golden Gate Bridge and it was very foggy so we couldn't see too much of it. Muir Woods was lovely and I'll let the photos speak for themselves. This whole trip I've been playing it very ~fast and loose~ as it is only myself I've had to worry about and I haven't had any real deadlines other than picking them up today. I think it took them a second to adjust to the play it by ear, go with the flow, it's okay if we don't know where we are staying tonight mentality. But we got there! I am adjusting too. We drove out of the city as far as we could that night and found a hotel near Merced. More travel tomorrow and the next few days to Yosemite! Happy to have my mom and dad with me!!

Oh, and I finished my first Moleskine notebook! I've never journaled so much before and I've loved it. Onto a new one. ALSO - even though there was no time or place to get a good picture of the Pacific trip has OFFICIALLY been cross country, ocean to ocean! #blessed

The funniest part of this photo is not my dazed expression, but the fact that my mom took multiple pictures of random vans thinking it was me.
Golden Gate Bridge, covered in fog.
San Fransisco!
Muir Woods
Coming to covers of People Magazine: artist Emily Boutilier and her father Glenn seen vacationing at Muir Woods.
Yay mom and dad!
It would be a lie to say I haven't been tempted...but I would never ever!!
Hey John, I <3 you.
Whoa, I don't have to ask strangers to take my picture!
Mom with a giant redwood.
Gorgeous light on the trees...just have to look up up up to see it.
More great sunlight...
This is the best tree-lover's monument that could possibly be found in all the forests of the world. (John Muir)
Founders Grove
Many sprouts of the same tree.
All part of the same tree
Kerplunk tree
Zig zag branch
IN one of the redwoods! Thank you photographer mom!



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